Modular Kitchen Market in the Zero Mile City of India

Modular Kitchen Market in the Zero Mile City of India


The time has gone when the kitchen was treated like just a neglected corner of the house. Kitchen was assumed to be a women’s corner for coocking food only lately but this shell has been broken now by the increasing fashion of adopting western living culture & life style. Modern fashion & products has painted the entire house with a novel colour and Indian houses too are no less than an European shelter now. Kitchens are not meant only for coocking food now, rather they are the best place to show your modernity & creativity. Now women as well as men show a strong interest in designing their kitchen finely as now men too take part in kitchen activities readily and they also spend a good time in this part of the house.


Modular kitchen is a progressing market in the Zero Mile City of India, Nagpur. Being the center of India the city is well connected to all the cities and states through air, road, and rail with easy commuting to and from the city across the country for all the materials, finished products, furniture items, and innovative fittings. Amidst all the manufacturers and dealers, Crystal Furnitech is the best names in the modular kitchens market in Nagpur that has justified its strength, prominence, and trustworthiness in the market over the years.  

As one of the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Nagpur, the brand provides various choices in modern modular kitchen designs. Some of the key options of modular kitchen design include:

  • Wood Kitchen Furniture – Pine kitchen furniture, Oak kitchen furniture and many other timber furniture are there in options. Apart from kitchen interiors, cabinet, kitchen table and chairs, wood flooring in kitchen too is now very famous.


  • Modular kitchen Furniture – Modular kitchens are in demand. You don’t have to think about your budget over and over again if you wish to convert your traditional kitchen into a modular one, the prices are quite compromising and its not a big deal for even a middle class family now. Modular kitchen sets are ready-made units and you just have to choose a particular one and get it fixed into your kitchen.


  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture – Steel furniture is a unique combination with a little wooden work. It gives your kitchen a quiet & sophisticated look. Moreover, it is harmless, needs less maintenance and its cleaning does not need any artisanship.


  • Antique Kitchen Furniture - Using old designed wooden furniture, wrought iron tables & chairs and other antique looking articles a kitchen can be given an antique atmosphere. A combination of classic colours or wallpapers on the walls and cabinets will also serve the cause.


  • Foreign Theme Kitchen Furniture - Many companies present their product range influenced by traditions and culture of a certain country like Italian Kitchen Furniture range & French Kitchen Furniture range. These are the best options to impart your kitchen an exotic look.

With all these and many more choices for an elegant and friendly modular kitchen synchronized with other functional accessories like additional kitchen cabinet designs, chimneys, modular burners, and in-fitted refrigerators, Home Furniture Manufacturer is a name to count upon.