Plan Your Modular Kitchen with Perfection and Precision

Plan Your Modular Kitchen with Perfection and Precision


Kitchen is the most important part of your home and the one where you will probably be spending most of your time. In fact, kitchen is the one part except your living room where everybody who visits you is bound to enter and thus you always want your kitchen area to look as appealing and clean as possible.

Now if you have loved the way the modular kitchens look and the ease of working they provide. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen with a modular kitchen layout then you must not pick up the first design that you like at the store. You should plan properly in order to ensure the design you finalize is not just making your kitchen look more beautiful, but is also providing you the maximum utilization of space.


Here is a simple five-step guide that would help you in getting the right modular kitchen for your home:

Define the Shape or Layout

It is probably the most important step as you will be designing the entire layout of the kitchen to ensure that there are enough cabinets, workstation area as well as moving area while keeping in mind the space that is dedicated for kitchen in your home. In fact, depending on the layout that you will choose, you can also integrate a dining table and all the kitchen appliances like microwave and fridge inside the kitchen area with ease.

There are total 6 types of modular kitchen designs or layouts that you can choose from:

  • L-Shaped Layout
  • Straight Layout
  • U-Shaped Layout
  • Parallel or Galley Layout
  • Island Layout
  • G-Shaped or Peninsula Layout

Choose the Modules

You core focus should be on latest kitchen designs, modular kitchen cabinets, and modules as they will define your storage area hence the utilization of kitchen space. Each module that you will see in the store will have pull-outs, drawers and shelves, with each having their specific advantages. However, if we talk about the cost then pull-outs will be costliest of the three and shelves will be the cheapest.

You can also check the corner modules as they offer a large variety of options for accessorizing. It is best to go for lift-up wall modules if you do not have any budget constraint, otherwise hinged wall modules also work and look good.

Select the Material

There are two major factors that you should consider while choosing the material of your modular kitchen – quality and finesse. Make sure that whichever material or type of wood you are finalizing, it should be tested against termites while being water resistant. Also, the designing of the material should match your taste as well as the theme of your home. You can choose between the contemporary, classic and modern looks to ensure that your kitchen reflects your personality.

Finalize the Counter Top

One of the most crucial decisions to make while planning your modular kitchen is choosing a perfect counter top which would suit all your needs and would look good with your layout too. You will have choice between solid surfaces, granite and artificial stones among others. Pick one keeping in mind the cleaning efforts that each material would take along with the strength that each one of them can take.

Select the Right Sink and Appliances

Once you are done with the entire layout and counter top, you will have to decide between the types of sink that you want to be installed in your kitchen area – single or double bowl, with or without the draining board. Also, you should pick the right appliances like microwave that would fit your needs as well as the layout of the kitchen.