Exploring Our Range of Modular Kitchen Types

Crystal Furnitech is trusted brand name dealing into various types of furniture and modular kitchen in Nagpur. Since the day of our inception, we are striving to be a trendsetter in kitchen designs, innovations, and technology while providing superior quality solutions backed with international standards of technology. Whether you have a small house, a studio apartment or a large family house with ample of kitchen space, Crystal Furnitech comes with various types of modular kitchens infused with innovative design setups for every kind of area.

Be it any theme - ethnic look, contemporary look or a vintage look that you have in mind for your kitchen space, we have it all for you to choose. In addition, if you would ever want to replace or change a particular part of your kitchen, you can do that without any influence, damage, or affect to other areas with ease. With us, you are open to a variety of designs and color combinations to compliment your cooking space and create a kitchen setup custom made as per your specific requirements.

Here are some of the modular kitchen layouts you can choose and get the best type designed and fitted in your kitchen:



Peninsula or G-Shaped Layout

If you are looking for something like island layout but have a space constraint, then peninsula modular kitchen layout is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to have a separate working or entertainment area in your kitchen which is accessible from the three sides as it will be connected to your main workspace rather than being completely independent.

The island modular kitchen layout is the perfect choice if you have an open living area and are looking for something contemporary for your kitchen design. Combined with either the L-Shaped or straight line kitchen, an island is constructed independent of your storage area. This allows you to have a separate working/cooking area than the storage area in your kitchen, thus making it easier for you to keep it organized and clean with minimal regular efforts.

Island Layout

L-Shaped Layout

This is an ideal modular kitchen layout if you have a small house and want to incorporate a dining table within the kitchen area too. Having a versatile kitchen work triangle, this compact layout allows you to move around easily while offering the maximum utilization of space to create the shelves and drawers for storage purposes.

If you have a closed or three walled long kitchen area, then you might find the parallel modular kitchen layout suiting your needs aptly. The parallel modular kitchen design allows you to have double counter space, which you can divide as wet and dry counters while making it easier for you to move around between the two counters and access everything with ease.

Parallel or Galley Layout

Straight Layout

The straight-line modular kitchen layout is perfect for the studio apartments or the apartments where the kitchen area needs to be restricted to just one wall of the house or room. It manages the entire storage space in a straight line, thus giving it a more spacious look rather than making it look compact.

You would love theU-Shaped modular kitchen design if you have a huge kitchen space and cooking is truly a hobby you enjoy the most. The U-Shaped modular kitchen layout allows you to add plenty of cabinets on the wall as well as floor where you can store your collection of kitchen appliances along with providing a wider counter space.

U-Shaped Layout